Filipino Christian Educator's Guide

Php 200.00

    The Department of
Christian Education among Filipino churches has been often mistaken as the Sunday School Department. Christian Education Department is the total education program of the church - the teaching ministry. This book aims to clarify the misconceptions about the Christian Education Department; its functions and role in the church.

    Good Christian education is a key to church growth. The instructions in this book may only be for Sunday school and church ministries, but the principles are founded in God’s Word and are centered towards leadership, discipleship, growth, service, and learning of the Scriptures. Also contains sample Sunday School Curriculum and Certificates.
Topics Include:

  • How to Cope with Tradition
  • Christian Education in the Average Filipino Church
  • Organizational Setup of the Department of Christian Education
  • One Year activities for Christian Education
  • Toughest Problems a Filipino Church Faces
  • Upgrading and Institutionalizing Sunday School in Churches
  • Organizing the Sunday School Ministry
  • Departmentalization
  • Curriculum Planning
  • Recruitment of Workers
  • Motivation and Recognition
  • Programming