Through the Bible Adventure Series

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    A collection of more than 150 Bible stories arranged chronologically from Genesis to Revelation, the series is patterned after the annual calendar that approximates Christmas and the Holy Week. Let your children understand Bible history, the heroes, the kings, the prophets, and the complete set of the miracles of Christ and the apostles. Other true-to-life stories, applications, games, songs, programs, and pictures for creative coloring make the series ideal for Sunday school, Bible outreaches, Christian schools, and family time. Each volume includes ”Songs that Teach” which is a collection of songs to be used for each lesson.

Volume 1 

Unit 1: Knowing God 

Knowing God, the Father, our Creator 
   - God created the World - Adam and Eve - Sin entered into the World
Knowing God, the Son, our Savior 
   - The Story of the Flood - The Tower of Babel - God blesses Faithful Abraham - Abraham’s Visitor - Angel’s Visit Lot
Knowing God, the Spirit, our Comforter 
   - Abraham’s Faith - The twin Brothers - Jacob’s dream - The story of Joseph 

Unit 2 : God Speaks to Us
God speaks Through Events when we Pray
   - Joseph becomes a Slave - From Prison to Palace - Joseph’s brothers go to Egypt - Joseph tests His Brothers -
Joseph forgives His Brother
God speaks through His Servant, the Pastor
   - Jacob’s Family moves to Egypt - The Birth of Moses - God speaks to Moses - Moses and Aaron visits Pharaoh
God speaks through His Word, the Bible 
   - The Ten Plagues - Through the Sea - Food from Heaven - When Water flowed from a Rock

Unit 3 : Jesus Christ, the Son of God
God speaks Through His Son, Jesus Christ
   - An angel visits Zachariah - The birth of Jesus - The Visits of the Shepherd - The Star leads the Wisemen - The Boyhood of Jesus
Jesus, our Savior
   - John baptizes Jesus - Jesus is Tempted - The Marriage in Cana - Jesus chooses His Disciple
Jesus, our Healer
   - Jesus makes a Sick Boy Well - Jesus heals a Crippled Man - Jesus heals a Soldier’s Servant - Jesus brings a Dead Girl back to Life 

Unit 4 : We Love and Obey Him
Jesus, our Helper
   - Jesus stills the storm - Feeding the Five Thousand - Peter walks on Water - The Faith of a Heathen Mother - Mary shows her Love for Jesus
We can show our Love to Jesus
   - Jesus is taken by Wicked Men - Jesus died for Us - Jesus rises from the Grave - Jesus appears to His Disciples
We can Show we Obey Him
   - God’s Ten Rules - The Golden Calf - Building God’s House - Moses makes a Mistake

Volume 2

Unit 1 : God’s Word, The Bible 
I Love the Word of God
   - The Story of Balaam - Moses’s death and Joshua is chosen leader - Crossing the Jordan
I Will Memorize God’s Word
   - The fall of Jericho - The first Three Judges - Deborah and Barak - An Angel appears to Gideon - Gideon and his 300
I Will Share God’s Word
   - The Story of Samson - The Story of Ruth - The Child Samuel - God speaks to Samuel

Unit 2 : Prayer, Our Secret Weapon 
God wants His Children to pray 
   - Saul is chosen King - David is chosen to be King - David and Goliath - David and Jonathan - David crowned King
God’s House, a Place of Prayer
   - David prepared to Build - A Disobedient Boy - Solomon’s Choice - Queen of Sheba
God’s delights to hear our thanks to Him
   - Evil King of Judah - Ahab and Jezebel - God cares for Elijah - Victory at Mount Carmel

Unit 3 : Cheerful Giving
God, our Example in Giving 
   - Angel visit Mary - Looking for a Place - The birth of Jesus - Wise men visit Jesus
God loves a Cheerful Giver
   - Jesus teaches how to Pray - God cares for us - The Wise and Foolish Man - The Sower, the Seed and the Ground - More stories Jesus told
Giving the Tithes and Offerings
   - The Good Samaritan - The Parable of the Great Banquet - Lost Sheep and Lost Boy - The parable of Ten Minas

Unit 4 : Serving the Lord
Serving the Lord in our Homes
   - Ten Virgins - Jesus rides into Jerusalem -  Last Supper and Garden Events - Peter denies Jesus
Serving the Lord in our Church
   - Jesus returned to Heaven - Peter Preaches - The Lame Man Healed - Ananias and Sapphira - Peter Rescued
Serving the Lord in our Country
   - Seven Helpers Chosen - The Story of Stephen - Missionary Philip - Aeneas and Dorcas

Volume 3

Unit 1 : God uses Willing Christians
God prepares those whom He will Call
   - Experience at mount Horeb - Elijah goes to Heaven - God uses Elijah
God uses Little Opportunities for Greater Service
   - Naaman - God protects Elisha - The five Lepers - King Joash - King Hezekiah
Whom God calls, He enables
   - Good King Josiah - Amos and Hosea - Story of Jonah - Micah 

Unit 2 : Getting ready for Christ Return 
Waiting for Christ Return 
   - The Story of Isaiah -The story of Jeremiah - Zephaniah and Joel - Prophet Nahum, Habakuk, Obadiah
Prepare our Home for His Coming
   - The Call of Ezekiel - The Story of Job - The Story of Esther - Warning from other Prophets -
Ezra leads God’s people
Becoming aware of World’s Events
   - God answer Nehemiah’s Prayer - Rebuilding the Walls - Daniel and His Friends - Delivered from Fiery Furnace 

Unit 3 :  Waiting for My Heavenly Reward 
Changed lives are God’s Reward 
   - Daniel in the Lion’s Den - An Angel visits Joseph - The Birth of Jesus - Transfiguration - The Ten Lepers
Working for the Heavenly Reward
   - Nicodemus and Samaritan Woman - Zacchaeus - Lazarus and his Sister - Jesus is alive
Looking to Heavenly Reward
   - Jesus is Coming again - Saul to Damascus - Peter and Cornelius - Freed from Prison

Unit 4 : God’s Promise: Heaven 
Who Will Go to Heaven? 
   - Paul, a Missionary - Macedonia Call - Paul at Philippi - Paul at Athens
How can we go to Heaven?
   - Burning Evils Books - Trouble at Ephesus - Paul at Troas (and Jerusalem) - Trials in Court - Paul in a Storm
What is Heaven is like?
   - Paul’s last Journey - Paul in Prison - John at Patmos - What Heaven is like