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Newsletter DECEMBER 2011

December 2011
     As the year ends and many of our countrymen are in great distress, we still believe in the goodness of our Lord.

     Christmas season gave us opportunities of sharing the love of God to different groups of people.  God, who ‘spared not His own Son’ in order to redeem us from sin is the best gift we received and the best we can give.

     In spite of the busy work schedules of our professionals and the unpredictable weather, they were able to hold special Christmas programs in our eight (8) Bible Club Centers.  Children had enjoyed games; food and clothes were given while presenting again the gift of salvation through Jesus Christ.

      The yearly Christmas musical was presented on the 18th.

      The Patch Club party was on the 11th at the Salamat Residence.  The children had the privilege of sharing gifts—gifts for the workers in Kawit Medellin: Mrs. Belinda Rosales and Ptr. Roldan Bulotano.

     The Lord also gave us the opportunity to share His blessings to the tricycle drivers in Labogon area.  About 30 of them came for breakfast on the 23rd.  The gospel was shared through the tracts.

     Six of us represented GBCMandaue at the relief repacking center  for the ‘Sendong’ (Washi) flood victims at the nearby ABS-CBN compound.

     November highlighted the Cebu Fellowship of Churches Thanksgiving Day at GBC in Cebu City.  A good number of delegation from Mandaue joined the celebration.

     October was our Church Anniversary Month.  It was held on the 16th with the yearly Men’s Chorus Presentation.  Dr. Antolin Zamar graced the occasion as guest speaker.  The Patch Club Kids presented a musical “Patch the Pirate Goes to the Jungle” which marked the 10th year of our Patch Club ministry.

      Eight teenage boys and girls joined the 6th Cebu Youth Conference held at Q-Park in Compostela, Cebu.  We are much blessed to think that the Lord has given us the opportunity to see the fruits of our labor.

     Your prayers had been a valuable support as our family continue to lead in the ministry in Mandaue City.

    Sam & Vangie Geroy

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Music for Children

    Children love music. A happy child is a singing child who sings and hums as he works or plays. When my wife and I sang in a choral group, one of the things that impressed us was that the singing captivated the attention of four and five year olds for an hour and a half. Music ministers to all age levels in a way that preaching and teaching can never do.

    The music that you and your children sing and listen to is more important than you may realize. The songs that we sing and listen to permanently shape our understanding of who God is and what the Christian life is all about. The songs that children learn are often remembered the rest of their lives. For that reason it is important that children have not only children's songs but that they also learn songs that they will sing when they are adults. Children need children's songs. However, if we give our children only children's things that are apropriate for their age, we are training them to be children when they grow up. That is a mistake that is being made today and we are seeing the results in many college age young people. Many do not know how to be mature adults.

    It is important for children to learn hymns and other Godly songs that they will sing when they become adults . Hymns have a wealth of spiritual truths in them. A hymn with four or five verses will often have 30 to 40 spiritual truths expressed in it in comparison with praise and worship choruses which usually have only a few spiritual truths. Singing only choruses is like eating only french fries. Make sure you have a meal to go with your "fries". Don't neglect the goldmine of teaching and worship for you and your children in hymns. Children love to listen to well-sung hymns.

    The following is significant for anyone who is involved in training children in the ways of the Lord. In Psalms 44:11,12 it says, "Rid me, and deliver me from the hand of strange children, whose mouth speaketh vanity, and their right hand is a right hand of falsehood: That our sons may be as plants grown up in their youth-, that our daughters may be as corner stones, polished after the similitude of a palace." The result of ridding ourselves of ungodly influences is that our sons will be mature, and grown up in their youth, and that our daughters will be stable, mature, and refined. They will be pillars - able to stand on their own and providing support. A problem today is that young men are not grown up in their youth. One juvenile court judge said that girls used to be the stablizing influence even though the guys were doing things they shouldn't. However, today girls are no longer a stabilizing influence. They are involved in as bad or worse things than the guys. The sad thing is that many young people in the church are not much different than ungodly young people.

    Music plays a more important part in the problem and in the solution than I realized. As I looked at the context of Psalms 144, I noticed that verse 11 "Rid me..." was also given before that in verses seven and eight. In between these verses on ridding ourselves of ungodly influences is verse nine which says, "I will sing a new song unto Thee, 0 God; upon a psaltry and an instrument of ten strings I will sing praises unto Thee." Of all the places in the Bible about singing a new song, this is the only one that contrasts it with what it is not, and gives the blessing of singing a new song.

    A new song is not one from strange children - the ungodly. Nor is it vain words or falsehood. Songs borrowed from the ungodly do not result in mature young people. The blessing of singing only a new ( a decidedly Godly) song and ridding ourselves of ungodly influences is young people who are mature and who are prepared to make an impact for God's Kingdom. They also stand out in sharp contrast to society around them because of their uprightness. One of the characteristics of those who have rid themselves of music with a backbeat is bright eyes. This is especially noticeable in children and young people. Music with a backbeat dulls the eyes.

    We encourage you to raise the standard and provide decidedly Godly music for your family - music that is without question Godly music. Earthly entertainment is for a moment, eternity is forever.

In A Time Like This

by Bro. Joseph Gimang
originally  published at www.gbcmandaue.com
September 25, 2010

The Sunday after Pastor Geroy’s stroke was a day of trust and faith among the members of Grace Baptist Church (GBC) of Mandaue (Cebu) as well as many other Christians as everyone came together in prayer, thanksgiving and petition to God for his healing. We are sharing with you an excerpt from the sermon delivered at GBC Mandaue on 19 September 2010.

   A week before the stroke, during Wednesday Prayer Meeting, Pastor Geroy enumerated the trials that many members and workers of Grace Baptist Church (GBC) of Mandaue experienced. In August and September 2010, several hardships occurred among us namely, appendicitis, amoeba, dengue fevers, and the death of a love one. I was uncomfortable when on last Sunday’s sermon, he said, “This could be my last sermon…. God is directing our lives in whatever way that pleases Him.”

   Three days later, we received the news that Pastor suffered a mild stroke in Bukidnon. He only finished two days of his 4-day modular sessions on Church Administration to pastors. He is the seventh victim of the seven calamities within seven weeks at GBC Mandaue.
   Is God angry with us? What is He trying to accomplish in all these so-called calamities?
   In John 9:1-4, John told the story of a man born blind whom the Lord Jesus healed. Here, we point out reasons why God allows undesirable things to happen. 
1As he passed by, he saw a man blind from birth. 2And his disciples asked him, "Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?" (His disciples have the notion that suffering is a punishment of sin. And it’s true. God does send suffering as punishment for our sin but not in this case.)3Jesus answered, "It was not that this man sinned, or his parents, but that the works of God might be displayed in him. (In other words, this happened so that God’s glory might be demonstrated. Then, he kept on teaching them.) 4We must work the works of him who sent me while it is day; night is coming, when no one can work.

   So, God allows hardships to happen 1) as punishment for sin, 2) as demonstration of His glory or 3) to teach His people.

   How should GBC Mandaue view these circumstances?

   Let’s compare our church with the church in Jerusalem in Acts 12. The believers in Jerusalem were starting a church. We too are starting a church in Mandaue City. Their ministry was expanding to the Gentiles. Our church is also expanding through many ministries and outreaches in different parts of Cebu Province. The Jerusalem Church experienced calamities of famine and persecution. We are experiencing calamities of sickness and accidents. King Herod killed James the brother of John with a sword. Many of us got sick while some suffered the death of love one. Peter, the leader of Jerusalem Church, was imprisoned. Pastor Geroy, our leader is in the hospital. What a parallel situation!
   How did the Jerusalem Church respond? Verse 5: So, Peter was kept in prison, but earnest prayer for him was made to God by the church. The divine answer came. An angel of the Lord rescued Peter from prison. Peter then came to the house-church where many are gathering and praying. When he knocked at the door, a servant girl came to answer. She recognized his voice and in her joy did not open the gate but ran to where the believers are and reported that Peter was standing outside. But the believers said, "You are out of your mind." They did not believe.  Some suggested, "It is his angel!" Peter continued knocking, and when they opened, they saw him and were amazed.

   How is our church responding? Upon hearing the news, text messages are streaming asking everyone to pray. Last Wednesday, we prayed like never before. With tears flowing from our eyes, earnest prayers were offered for Pastor Geroy’s safety and recovery. This spirit continued all throughout the week in our homes, our schools and in our offices. We did what we needed to do – we prayed.
   Sometimes, when things like this happen, we ask God, “Why?” Yet we don’t need to understand and know everything in order to trust Him. (Proverbs 3:5-6). God knows what He is doing and He is in complete control of everything (Psalm 46:10). In times like this what we need to do is simply pray, believe and be amazed.
This is bright side of the story. After Peter escaped, King Herod punished the guards (12:19). Eventually, God also punished King Herod (12:20-23). On the side of the believers, because of the persecution “the word of God increased and multiplied.” (verse 24) Isn’t this an example of how God turned calamities into blessings?

   I am wondering why Pastor Geroy suffered stroke during his teaching ministry and not during his stay with his family. Was it coincidence or divine providence? The incident resulted to a lot of impact among our church people and in many Christians outside Cebu, all for God’s glory. It is more inspiring to see a mentor getting inflicted during ministry than during a vacation. It’s an avenue to learn not only from his teachings but also from his life.

   We too as a church are witnesses that we have grown spiritually stronger during this depressing moment. We have also shown the world how believers love and pray for each other. God uses calamities to bring out the best in His children.

   So, why Pastor Geroy? Just how many people knew and prayed when some of our members were sick? Many, but not as many as when people heard that Pastor Geroy is in the hospital. How many people rejoiced when our sick brethren got out of the hospital? Many but not as many as when Pastor will recover. God chose a faithful and popular servant to suffer so that many will know and marvel at His grace and might. Because of his illness, many people have started to pray not just for Pastor but also for GBC Mandaue and for the ministry in Cebu. It’s all about God’s renown. 

   God allowed these circumstances to happen so that His glory will be demonstrated in our churches and in our country. God also wants to teach us. We are positive that Pastor will recover as soon as possible. We are looking forward to see him stand again in the pulpit preaching, teaching and praying, while we sit listening, smiling and remembering that things have returned to the way they were as if nothing has happened. On that day, we will be more amazed on the ways and works of God and conclude that in times like this, God is simply demonstrating His glory and grace.

Joseph D. Gimang
Pastor Geroy’s Trainee
Grace Baptist Church of Mandaue

May this message be a blessing to everyone!
   Nine days after the stroke, Pastor Geroy’s appetite and strength have greatly improved. He is learning to sit and stand. His blood pressure is also under control. Visits and testimonies from believers on how God is working in their lives, families and churches have been encouraging. We thank our family and friends for their continued prayers for his speedy recovery. May God be praised!

Children's Music

Singing with Peach
Booklet & CD

Little children express themselves in many ways. One of which is through songs & rhythmic patterns. Sing and memorize Christian verses with Peach and her friends. Ideal for kindergarten and playschool. This booklet contains 13 Nursery songs, rhymes and scriptures.

Selections include: Bahay Kubo, Psalm 23, Jesus Loves Me, Two Little Frogs, Hello to All the Children of the World, Read Your Bible and many more!

Php 200.00

Sunday School Singalong 1& 2
CD’s and Songbooks

Sunday School Singalong is the answer to a children’s hymnbook. These Sunday school collections are melody lines with lyrics, accompanied by piano scores. Volume 1 contain 45 songs, and Volume 2 contains 44 songs. Each collection includes well-loved traditional children’s song plus Patch the Pirate Favorites. The CDs are in split-track version for easy use in children’s church, Sunday School, and Christian school classes. Hand motions are included for group-singing fun. 

Volume 1 includes: Only a Boy named David, Jesus Loves the Little Children, Deep and Wide, This Little Light of Mine, Daniel, Gideon, Obedience, The Poochie Lip, Wiggle Worm and more. 

Volume 2 includes: Jesus in the Morning, I’m gonna Sing, I’ve Been Redeemed, Lean-a lean, Put on your Running Shoes, O-B-E-Y, Whisper a Prayer, There were Twelve Disciple, Pigs don’t live in houses

Volume 1 Book & CD: Php 1,000.00 - Not Available
Volume 2 Book & CD: Php 1,000.00 - Not Available

Contact Us if you would like to order.

Patch the Pirate Praises Volumes 1, 2, 3 & 4- Not Available
Book & Split-Track CD
Php 1,000.00 per volume

Praises 1
The easy-sing, easy-play format of the choral book features simple arrangements suitable for beginning pianists or young choirs.
A Good Example •  A Tender Heart •  Daniel •  David •  Do It Now •  Do Right •  Father, Lead Me •  Harmony At Home •  Here Am I, Lord •  He's My Friend •  He's So Great •  How Can I Fear •  I Belong To The King •  I Love Broccoli •  I Love You, Lord •  I Want To Be Faithful •  I Will Do What's Right •  Initiative •  Jesus Loves Me •  Jonah •  Keep Walking With The Lord •  Little By Little •  My God Is A Righteous God •  My Quiet Time •  My Very Best Friend •  Obedience •  Obey Right Away •  Our Prayer •  Servant's Heart •  Sharing •  Stretchin' The Truth •  Tell The Truth •  Temper Tantrum Tilly •  The Joy Of Jesus •  The Poochie Lip Disease •  The Praise Song •  The Sunday School Song •  Trust In The Lord •  We Thank Thee •  Wiggle Worm

Praises 2
Songs include: A Sailin' We Go •  Always The Same •  Be Kind And Compassionate •  Be Ye Kind •  Bedtime Lullaby •  Bold As A Lion •  Bring Forth Fruit •  Club Song •  Cool Water •  Finish The Job •  Gideon •  Good Old-Fashioned Work •  Grumblers •  He Gives Me Joy •  He Is King •  Helpers •  Hippocritter •  I Want To Marry Daddy •  I'm Adopted •  I'm Special To Jesus •  Jesus Is First •  Keep Your Sunny Side Up •  Lord, I Need You •  Mountain-Moving Faith •  My Sin Is Ever Before Me •  Peace Be Still •  Pigs Don't Live In Houses •  Rejoice In The Lord •  Responsibility •  Rise And Shine •  Sail On! •  Sailin' Home •  Tell Me The Story Of Jesus •  The Army Of The Lord •  The Fear Of The Lord •  The God Of The Impossible •  The Gratitude Attitude •  Wait On The Lord •  Wings As Eagles •  Worry Warthog

Praises 3
Songs include: All That I Need •  Clean It Up•  Don't Seek For Revenge •  Extra Baggage •  Faithful In Little Things •  Giant Killer •  God Sees The Heart •  Gossip •  Guard My Heart •  Happiness Came Looking For Me •  If You're Gonna Make A Diff'rence •  I'm Goin' To Camp •  I'm Workin' Out •  It's All My Fault •  Lend A Hand •  Mean Ole Mister Devil •  One Hundred Percent •  Only My Best Will Do •  Our God Is Able •  Put On Your Running Shoes •  Richer Than A King •  Shoot The Gospel Gun •  Something To Give •  Stokin' Up The Fire •  Thank You, Lord •  The Boomerang Song •  The Frog Song •  The Things I Used To Do •  The Tongue Is So Small •  Trusty Sword •  Turn Them Into Friends •  Upside Down •  Walk With The Wise •  You Can Count On Me •  You Reap What You Sow

Praises 4
38 favorites including: Sailing, Sailing • Readers Are Leaders • Be Strong In The Lord • I'm Gonna Sing • It's In The Book • Around The Corner, Around The World • Lean a, Lean a, Lean • Come On, Join The Team • Fire Up • Just Let Me Serve You • Follow The Map • He's Building Me A Mansion • Forked Tongue • Ask, Seek, Knock • The Quartet That Raised The Roof • Not Gonna Quit • My God Is A Rock • Look On The Sunny Side • Trust His Word • Shine • Stepping Out By Faith • God Has Provided The Lamb • I'm Goin' For The Gold • I Pray To The Lord • I Sing A New Song • Cast Your Net On The Other Side • Thank You • I Love To Go To Sunday School • Zip Your Lip • I'm Gonna Walk • Happy Born Again Birthday • Drinkin' From The River • My God Is So Big • The Bible Way • Whatever • The Bible Stands • Ride On • Keep Following The Savior


So Many Names
by the Sacred Music Services Children's Choir

Using the background of a Sunday school class, this music CD teaches the many names of God. Your children will enjoy both the story and the songs, while learning more of the Savior. So Many Names presents the wonderful character of God as described by the names given to Him in the Gospel of John.

This CD is a must-have for every family and Sunday School teacher. The songs are well-loved choruses, hymns and familiar verses your children will surely love and keep in their hearts.

Fully Orchestrated
35 Sing-Along and Split Tracks

Songs include: Blessed Be the Name •  At The Name of Jesus •  Glory to His Name •  Jesus Is the Word •  Look To the Lamb of God •  There Is Power In the Blood •  I'll Live for Him •  Are You Washed In the Blood •  Ye Must Be Born Again •  For God So Loved the World •  Jesus Gave Her Water •  Springs of Living Water •  Fill My Cup, Lord •  Oh! Say But I'm Glad •  There Were Twelve Bulging Baskets •  Break Thou the Bread Of Life •  Jesus Bids Us Shine •  This Little Light of Mine •  The Light of  the World Is Jesus •  Heavenly Sunlight •  One Door, and Only One •  Jesus, Tender Shepherd, Hear Me •  Savior Like a Shepherd Lead Us •  The Lord Is My Shepherd •  Bring Them In •  Everything's All Right •  I Am the Way •  Mine, Mine, Mine, Mine •  He Holds My Hand •  Nothing Between •  Constantly Abiding •  Take the Name of Jesus  •  Oh, How I Love Jesus •  At the Name of Jesus •  His Name Is Wonderful 

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Php 550.00 plus local shipment

Solo, Choral, Ensemble Books and CDs

The Best of Ron Hamilton Volume 1
The Best of Ron Hamilton, released in 2009, has been a blessing to church vocalist. The trials as well as the joys Ron has experienced in his Christian life, give great depth to his writing. The collection also includes several other songs we though you would enjoy: a song by Ron’s father-in-law, Frank Garlock, and some songs by Ron’s Son, Jonathan. The piano accompaniment are written in a very easy style for use at home and at the church, and the guitar chords are also included. The vocal line is almost solo, but many choruses contain harmony for special duets and trios. Publisher

30 Songs include: Rejoice in the Lord, Beautiful Hands, Higher Ground, How Can I Fear, a Tender Heart, Come to the Cross.

Php 500.00

The Best of Ron Hamilton Volume 2


Contents: Christ Is Coming • God's Perfect Lamb • I Saw Jesus In You • I Stand Redeemed • I'm Adopted • It Is Finished • It's Friday, But Sunday's Comin' • Lead Me To The Cross • Lift Him Up • Listen For The Trumpet • Long Ago • Lord, Bless Our Home • Lord, You've Been Faithful • Love As I Loved • Molding A Masterpiece • My Father's Old Guitar • My God Is A Righteous God • O Magnify The Lord • Only By His Grace • Search Me • The Praise Song • Though It's Midnight • Treasure Of My Heart • Trust His Word • Wash Me Now • We Are Your Church • Welcome Home • Wings As Eagles • Yours Forever


Praises I & II, Praises III
Both a valuable supplement to your current hymnal and a single sources for many of you favorites Majesty Music songs, the Praises books offer a wealth of nearly 300 arrangements for solo, duets, ensembles, and special occasions.

The combined edition of Praises I & II includes nearly 200 songs, Praise III has over 100. With their Spiral binding and plastic-coated cover, the Praises books will be treasured resources in your home for years to come. Publisher description

Praises 1 & 2 Combined: Php 675
Praises 3: Php 580

The Wilds Songbook 8th Edition

Eighth Edition - (221 songs, soft, spiral)

A collection of new and traditional hymns and gospel songs that are easy to sing and play. Features numerous songs from the Wilds Christian Camp as well as many other familiar favorites. This latest edition updated June 2011 includes guitar chords and chart.

Php 750.00 - NOT AVAILABLE

I Stand Redeemed
Ron and Shelly Hamilton

I Stand Redeemed is a rousing collection of SATB arrangements that your choir will love. The first song, I Stand Redeemed, begins the collection with a spirit of exuberant praise. We're Marching to Zion, a new arrangement of an old favorite, is set in a Celtic style that is brimming with energy. Next is Whom Shall I Fear, a negro spiritual that will get your choir singing from their hearts. Eight of the eleven arrangements are energetic and move along at a fast tempo. Three of the songs are more contemplative and thoughtful. All eleven of these uplifting songs are sure to bring fresh passion and praise to your Sunday services.
11 selections include: I Stand Redeemed • We're Marching to Zion •  Whom Shall I Fear •  Washed in the Blood •  I Will Sing •  My Faith Has Found a Resting Place •  My Shepherd Will Supply •  In God We Trust •  Blessed Is He •  It Is Finished •  Hallelujah to the Rock

Book & Demo CD: Php 950.00
Preview Audio Sample   ___________________________________________________________________________________

Only By His Grac
Ron and Shelly Hamilton

SATB (Medium Easy)
Choir directors across the country have commented that Only By His Grace is one of the finest choir collections Majesty Music has produced. From the soul-stirring exhortation, Better Be Ready, to the dynamic exaltation, The Last Amen, your choir will be uplifted by this ministry of music. This is a collection you don't want to miss!
Selections: The Last Amen • The Secret Place • Better Be Ready • Only By His Grace • Moment Of Time • Give Me Jesus • All Are Welcome • The Rocks Will Cry Out • God Is Good • Go Ye • Home At Last • For Such A Time As This

Choral book includes four part printed score (SATB) as well as the accompanist arrangement for piano.
Book and CD: Php 950.00
Preview Audio sample

Wondrous Joy (Choral Classics Vol III)
 by the Wilds Music

Highlights from Choral Series 11-13 

This choral classic includes the following fourteen well-loved songs in SATB;
God Is There • Great Is Thy Faithfulness • Hiding In Thee • His Way Is Perfect • I Shall Know Him • I'll Fly Away • Listen To The People • Looking Unto Jesus • Love Lifted Me • My God Is Near • One Needful Thing • The Blessing Of The Lord • What Can I Give To Jesus • Wondrous Joy

Book and CD: Php 950.00

Make a Joyful Noise
by the Wilds Music

2-part Choral Arrangements

This collection of 2-part choral selections offers fresh arrangements for male/female duets. Includes the following: Above Every Name • Christ Lives In Me • Come Before The Lord • For Such A Time As This • Keeper Of The Home • Lead Me To Calvary • Lord, I Was Blind • Make A Joyful Noise • My Keeper • My Redeemer • Not To Us • Praise Ye The Lord • Revive My Heart • The Fount Of Blessing • The Lord Bless You • Throw Out The Lifeline • Trust Him And Obey
Total playing time: 50:21

Book and CD: Php 950.00

Joysong Favorites- Choral Book
Arranged by Shelly Hamilton SAB

Introducing the re-release of the Joysong series. Majesty Music has received many requests to bring back this collection of easy, three-part evangelistic arrangements. We have chosen some of the most requested songs from the series and offered them as Joysong Favorites. The collection is ideally suited to the small choir, youth choir, or the experienced large church choir needing to prepare a piece quickly without sacrificing the quality of the finished product. No choir should be without Joysong Favorites!
Selections: O Worship the King • Am I a Soldier of the Cross • Lord, Send Me Anywhere • Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah • The Praise Song • Listen for the Trumpet • All The Way • On Jordan's Stormy Banks • How Can I Fear • How Firm a Foundation • Create in Me • Lead on, O King Eternal • Servant's Heart • Blessed Assurance • A Tender Heart • Praise Him Medley

 Book and CD: Php 950.00
Preview Audio Sample

Our Lives are Thine - solo book
 by Dr. Frank Garlock and Shelly Hamilton

A Collection of Song Arrangements for Christian weddings.
The wedding music is a critical element to set just the right tone and communicate just the right message for this all-important ceremony celebrating commitment and union in Christ. For generations, bewildered couples have scoured dozens of unfamiliar books, puzzling over unfamiliar songs in an effort to choose the best music to complement their vows. Our Lives Are Thine, Majesty Music's book of intermediate wedding song arrangements, is the solution to finding Christ-honoring wedding music. Solo and duet formats provide flexibility and variety.
25 songs, including: Lord, Make Us One • O Jesus, We Have Promised • Today I'll Marry My Best Friend • Serving The Lord Together • Yours Forever • My Precious Daughter • Our Prayer • Lord, Bless Our Home • All We Have Belongs To Jesus • Our Father • Lord, Send Us Anywhere • A Tender Heart • All The Way • Our Lives Are Thine • Consecration Hymn • Why Do I Love You? • Together Always • Father, Lead Us • Our Lives Are Yours To Control • Speak, Lord, In The Stillness • United To Serve • I Will Be True • Take Our Lives • I Love You

 Book: Php 700.00

Rejoice in the Lord CD
Ron Hamilton

The title track, "Rejoice in the Lord," remains the most-beloved song written by Ron Hamilton. 10 selections, including: Rejoice In The Lord • ChristIs Coming • Lullaby • Jonah • It Is Finished • How Majestic Is Thy Name• David • I'm Goin' Home • Born To Die • Come To The Cross

Php 550.00
Audio Sample

I Saw Jesus in You: A Tribute to My Father CD
Ron Hamilton

Ron, his brother, Terry, and his sister, Marty, blend their voices in choral and solo versions of some of the favorite hymns and gospel songs of their father.19 selections, including:  The Unclouded Day/This World Is Not My Home/We'll Understand It Better By And By •  Precious Memories •  My Father's Old Guitar •  Just Over In The Gloryland •  What A Friend •  I Believe My Father • Hallelujah! We Shall Rise/The Last Mile Of The Way •  Meet Me There •  Faithful Men •  I Saw Jesus In You •  Just A Closer Walk With Thee/In The Garden •  In The Sweet By And By•  I Shall See The King •  Abba, Father •  The Old Account Was Settled •  How Firm A Foundation/My Jesus I Love Thee•  The Victor's Crown •  Goodnight •  God Be With You

Php 550.00

Other CDs:
Wings As Eagles (male solo, Ron Hamilton)
Songs of Home & Heaven (male solo, Ron Hamilton)
Three Generations of Praise (trombone trio)
Hymn Reflections of Comfort and Hope (piano solo)

Everlasting Praise CD
Piano Trios & Ladies Chorus by the Hamilton Girls
Everlasting Praise is a unique recording featuring piano trios by Shelly Hamilton, Alyssa Hamilton, and Tara Hamilton Farrell. Megan Hamilton contributes soprano solos, and vocal backgrounds are added by the Kindred Spirits ladies chorus and The Patch Club Friends. The 16 selections on this fully-orchestrated recording surround a theme of praise to our Everlasting Heavenly Father for Who He is and all He means to us. Selections include: Worthy of Praise/To God Be The Glory •  Sing Unto The Lord • His Eye Is On The Sparrow • Doxology/Come, Christians, Join To Sing • How Great Thou Art • Lord, I Need You/Master The Tempest • O, How I Love Jesus • Patriotic Medley • Fairest Lord Jesus • Christ The Lord Is Risen • What A Friend • Praise Song/I Will Praise Him • Praise Him Medley • All Hail The Power • Praise, My Soul • Hallelujah Chorus

Php 550.00

Expression of Gratitude CD

The Herbster trio: Matt, Mark, and Mike have joined together with their "music heroes of the faith" - Mac Lynch, Tim Fisher, and Ron Hamilton for a powerful celebration in praise from inspiring fully-orchestrated solos to a capella, 6-part harmonies!
16 selections include: Festive Praise • An Expression of Gratitude • God Gives Wings • My Eyes Have Seen the Savior • How Great His Love • I Stand Redeemed • Make Me a Stranger • I Sing the Mighty Power of God • Search Me, O God • I Will Follow Thee • Worthy the Lamb • It Is Enough • God Is Near • How Majestic Is Thy Name • Lift Him Up • Follow Me As I Follow Christ

Php 550.00

Audio Sample


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High School Values Books

First Year: Developing Godly Character
Php 180.00*

21 Character qualities with illustrations from the world by nature.


Second Year: Character Qualities for Success
Php 180.00*

21 Character qualities and their negative traits.


Third Year: The Holy War: A Book Study
Php 180.00*

Written by John Bunyan after the Pilgrim’s Progress, this allegory strongly depicts the daily struggles of a Christian life. Let your teens be inspired by the noble Prince Emmanuel and his brave generals as they protect the town of Man-Soul from the evil forces of Diabolos. Know and apply the strategies and truths from God’s Word, deep in theology, yet simple enough to enjoy.

Fourth Year: Pilgrim’s Progress: A Book Study
Php 180.00*

Follow the adventures of Christian and his friends as he journeys through life. When he left his home in the Town of Destruction, he did not know the cruelty of the enemies he would face. Will his courage, endurance,
peace, and hope sustain him? Yet along the way the grace of the King was sufficient until he arrives in Celestial City.

Elementary Values Books

The stories, verses, songs, quizzes, games, and activities in this series have been carefully chosen to maximize your students’ growth in the knowledge of Christ, creativity, intellectual, and social skills. The stories are relevant to their individual lives as Filipinos in the modern world. 

Grade 1: I Am Special

Grade 2: Learning to Love the Lord

Grade 3: Choosing the Right Way

Grade 4: Knowing More About Christ

Grade 5: Becoming Like Jesus

Grade 6: Climbing Heights

Preschool Values Books

God’s Wonderful World Series

Let your children have a glimpse of God’s Word from Genesis to Revelation at a young age. The heroes, stories and verses that you plant in their hearts will grow into their lives, families and communities.

God’s Wonderful World: Nursery Bible Stories

Learning to Love the Lord: Kinder 1 Bible Stories

Serving While Waiting: Kinder 2 Bible Stories

Filipino Christian Educator's Guide

Php 200.00

    The Department of
Christian Education among Filipino churches has been often mistaken as the Sunday School Department. Christian Education Department is the total education program of the church - the teaching ministry. This book aims to clarify the misconceptions about the Christian Education Department; its functions and role in the church.

    Good Christian education is a key to church growth. The instructions in this book may only be for Sunday school and church ministries, but the principles are founded in God’s Word and are centered towards leadership, discipleship, growth, service, and learning of the Scriptures. Also contains sample Sunday School Curriculum and Certificates.
Topics Include:

  • How to Cope with Tradition
  • Christian Education in the Average Filipino Church
  • Organizational Setup of the Department of Christian Education
  • One Year activities for Christian Education
  • Toughest Problems a Filipino Church Faces
  • Upgrading and Institutionalizing Sunday School in Churches
  • Organizing the Sunday School Ministry
  • Departmentalization
  • Curriculum Planning
  • Recruitment of Workers
  • Motivation and Recognition
  • Programming

Through the Bible Adventure Series

Php 550.00 /Book | Php 1,500.00/ set
    A collection of more than 150 Bible stories arranged chronologically from Genesis to Revelation, the series is patterned after the annual calendar that approximates Christmas and the Holy Week. Let your children understand Bible history, the heroes, the kings, the prophets, and the complete set of the miracles of Christ and the apostles. Other true-to-life stories, applications, games, songs, programs, and pictures for creative coloring make the series ideal for Sunday school, Bible outreaches, Christian schools, and family time. Each volume includes ”Songs that Teach” which is a collection of songs to be used for each lesson.

Volume 1 

Unit 1: Knowing God 

Knowing God, the Father, our Creator 
   - God created the World - Adam and Eve - Sin entered into the World
Knowing God, the Son, our Savior 
   - The Story of the Flood - The Tower of Babel - God blesses Faithful Abraham - Abraham’s Visitor - Angel’s Visit Lot
Knowing God, the Spirit, our Comforter 
   - Abraham’s Faith - The twin Brothers - Jacob’s dream - The story of Joseph 

Unit 2 : God Speaks to Us
God speaks Through Events when we Pray
   - Joseph becomes a Slave - From Prison to Palace - Joseph’s brothers go to Egypt - Joseph tests His Brothers -
Joseph forgives His Brother
God speaks through His Servant, the Pastor
   - Jacob’s Family moves to Egypt - The Birth of Moses - God speaks to Moses - Moses and Aaron visits Pharaoh
God speaks through His Word, the Bible 
   - The Ten Plagues - Through the Sea - Food from Heaven - When Water flowed from a Rock

Unit 3 : Jesus Christ, the Son of God
God speaks Through His Son, Jesus Christ
   - An angel visits Zachariah - The birth of Jesus - The Visits of the Shepherd - The Star leads the Wisemen - The Boyhood of Jesus
Jesus, our Savior
   - John baptizes Jesus - Jesus is Tempted - The Marriage in Cana - Jesus chooses His Disciple
Jesus, our Healer
   - Jesus makes a Sick Boy Well - Jesus heals a Crippled Man - Jesus heals a Soldier’s Servant - Jesus brings a Dead Girl back to Life 

Unit 4 : We Love and Obey Him
Jesus, our Helper
   - Jesus stills the storm - Feeding the Five Thousand - Peter walks on Water - The Faith of a Heathen Mother - Mary shows her Love for Jesus
We can show our Love to Jesus
   - Jesus is taken by Wicked Men - Jesus died for Us - Jesus rises from the Grave - Jesus appears to His Disciples
We can Show we Obey Him
   - God’s Ten Rules - The Golden Calf - Building God’s House - Moses makes a Mistake

Volume 2

Unit 1 : God’s Word, The Bible 
I Love the Word of God
   - The Story of Balaam - Moses’s death and Joshua is chosen leader - Crossing the Jordan
I Will Memorize God’s Word
   - The fall of Jericho - The first Three Judges - Deborah and Barak - An Angel appears to Gideon - Gideon and his 300
I Will Share God’s Word
   - The Story of Samson - The Story of Ruth - The Child Samuel - God speaks to Samuel

Unit 2 : Prayer, Our Secret Weapon 
God wants His Children to pray 
   - Saul is chosen King - David is chosen to be King - David and Goliath - David and Jonathan - David crowned King
God’s House, a Place of Prayer
   - David prepared to Build - A Disobedient Boy - Solomon’s Choice - Queen of Sheba
God’s delights to hear our thanks to Him
   - Evil King of Judah - Ahab and Jezebel - God cares for Elijah - Victory at Mount Carmel

Unit 3 : Cheerful Giving
God, our Example in Giving 
   - Angel visit Mary - Looking for a Place - The birth of Jesus - Wise men visit Jesus
God loves a Cheerful Giver
   - Jesus teaches how to Pray - God cares for us - The Wise and Foolish Man - The Sower, the Seed and the Ground - More stories Jesus told
Giving the Tithes and Offerings
   - The Good Samaritan - The Parable of the Great Banquet - Lost Sheep and Lost Boy - The parable of Ten Minas

Unit 4 : Serving the Lord
Serving the Lord in our Homes
   - Ten Virgins - Jesus rides into Jerusalem -  Last Supper and Garden Events - Peter denies Jesus
Serving the Lord in our Church
   - Jesus returned to Heaven - Peter Preaches - The Lame Man Healed - Ananias and Sapphira - Peter Rescued
Serving the Lord in our Country
   - Seven Helpers Chosen - The Story of Stephen - Missionary Philip - Aeneas and Dorcas

Volume 3

Unit 1 : God uses Willing Christians
God prepares those whom He will Call
   - Experience at mount Horeb - Elijah goes to Heaven - God uses Elijah
God uses Little Opportunities for Greater Service
   - Naaman - God protects Elisha - The five Lepers - King Joash - King Hezekiah
Whom God calls, He enables
   - Good King Josiah - Amos and Hosea - Story of Jonah - Micah 

Unit 2 : Getting ready for Christ Return 
Waiting for Christ Return 
   - The Story of Isaiah -The story of Jeremiah - Zephaniah and Joel - Prophet Nahum, Habakuk, Obadiah
Prepare our Home for His Coming
   - The Call of Ezekiel - The Story of Job - The Story of Esther - Warning from other Prophets -
Ezra leads God’s people
Becoming aware of World’s Events
   - God answer Nehemiah’s Prayer - Rebuilding the Walls - Daniel and His Friends - Delivered from Fiery Furnace 

Unit 3 :  Waiting for My Heavenly Reward 
Changed lives are God’s Reward 
   - Daniel in the Lion’s Den - An Angel visits Joseph - The Birth of Jesus - Transfiguration - The Ten Lepers
Working for the Heavenly Reward
   - Nicodemus and Samaritan Woman - Zacchaeus - Lazarus and his Sister - Jesus is alive
Looking to Heavenly Reward
   - Jesus is Coming again - Saul to Damascus - Peter and Cornelius - Freed from Prison

Unit 4 : God’s Promise: Heaven 
Who Will Go to Heaven? 
   - Paul, a Missionary - Macedonia Call - Paul at Philippi - Paul at Athens
How can we go to Heaven?
   - Burning Evils Books - Trouble at Ephesus - Paul at Troas (and Jerusalem) - Trials in Court - Paul in a Storm
What is Heaven is like?
   - Paul’s last Journey - Paul in Prison - John at Patmos - What Heaven is like