High School Values Books

First Year: Developing Godly Character
Php 180.00*

21 Character qualities with illustrations from the world by nature.


Second Year: Character Qualities for Success
Php 180.00*

21 Character qualities and their negative traits.


Third Year: The Holy War: A Book Study
Php 180.00*

Written by John Bunyan after the Pilgrim’s Progress, this allegory strongly depicts the daily struggles of a Christian life. Let your teens be inspired by the noble Prince Emmanuel and his brave generals as they protect the town of Man-Soul from the evil forces of Diabolos. Know and apply the strategies and truths from God’s Word, deep in theology, yet simple enough to enjoy.

Fourth Year: Pilgrim’s Progress: A Book Study
Php 180.00*

Follow the adventures of Christian and his friends as he journeys through life. When he left his home in the Town of Destruction, he did not know the cruelty of the enemies he would face. Will his courage, endurance,
peace, and hope sustain him? Yet along the way the grace of the King was sufficient until he arrives in Celestial City.