Marriage Relationship In Philippine Context

By Samuel D. Geroy

1. Companionship, Amos 3:3
2. Enjoyment, Hebrews 13:4
3. Completeness, Genesis 2:23
4. Fruitfulness, Genesis 1:28, l Peter 3:7
5. Protection, Ephesians 5:25, Titus 2:4,5
6. Illustration of Christ & the Church, Eph. 5:31-33 

I. Husband/ Wife Relationship

   A. Husband’s Role Eph. 5:18-33
     1. Leadership– Head
     2. Love– Agape

   B. Wife’s Role 
     1. Submission
     2. Respect
     3. Love– phileo, Titus 2:4
     4. Homemaker, Proverbs 31:10-31

   C. Maintaining a Happy Marriage 
     1. Keep romantic feelings alive
     2. Develop a sense of belonging
     3. Become best of friends 
     4. Give love that is directed by the will

II. The Filipino Wife 

   A. Must reject the influence of a Matriarchal Society 
     1. Let the husband be the authority in the home, not your mother or yourself.
     2. Give responsibility to your husband and to men.
     3. You may let your husband keep the money and do the bud getting.

   B. Reject the influence of a Modern, Materialistic Society
     1. Need not work if your husband’s income is enough for family needs.
     2. If she could meet all the priorities in her home, & she has time she may work w/ his             approval, in order to find personal fulfillment. But work near the home, not abroad.
     3. She should care for the needs of her husband personally, & not let helpers do them.
     4. If she can cope with work in the home w/ the help of husband & children she need not employ a helper.

III. The Filipino Husband 

   A. Strive to seek God first, Matthew 6:33

   B. Correct the influences of a Matriarchal Society
     1. Take hold of responsibility
     2. Be the spiritual leader and counselor
     3. Must not let mother or parents dictate family life
     4. Help wife in house work.
     5. You may keep the money & do the budgeting

   C. Resist the influence of a Materialistic Culture
     1. Refrain from working abroad or far from home too long
     2. Not put too much emphasis on things money can buy
     3. Use love, not force or things
     4. Love your wife even when she’s old & no longer beautiful
     5. Make Christ your ideal, instead of the macho image of the world

   D. Work hard so that you can provide well for your family and your wife need not work, l Timothy 5:8 


1. When she rehearses forgiven failures.
2. When she neglects home responsibilities. 
3. She has undefined expectations.
4. Resists his leadership
5. Shows lack of confidence in his decisions
6. Lacks a grateful spirit
7. Fails to build loyalty to him and their children
8. Confides marriage problems to other people
9. Inflexible in her priorities
10. Inability to understand what he means 

God wants every Christian family to succeed because that illustrates Christ’s success in saving and sanctifying the Church.