Planning A Sunday School Curriculum

prepared by Evangeline Geroy

Need: Committed and Faithful Leaders

Assuming that your Sunday School Department is departmentalized into 3 divisions: The Children, Youth, and Adults.

Here are some points to consider in planning your long-range teaching ministry.

  • Determine to teach the whole Bible.
  • Decide how long your Through the Bible Plan will be carried through as a whole and by division.
  • For any department to use typical lessons, decide on the most needful and important topic (even if you don’t have the materials).
  • Check the materials you have in hand.
  • Look (buy or write) the lessons you don’t have. Preparation and writing of materials may be done gradually as you need them.
  • Designate a person who will commit to prepare, monitor and keep materials.
  • Challenge teachers to study and make own lessons.
  • Remember, this is a difficult but very rewarding endeavor.