I learned in Vacation Bible School that God is the only God of all. He is Almighty and Powerful. He is the king of kings and Lord of lords. He is our Creator and He never break His promises. Jesus Christ is our Savior, He created the universe and the wonderful things. These are the truths I learned in the VBS.

Fritz Jane Barbara Braga

Grade V1 Pupil
Calvary Learning Center, Pontevedra


The 3-day VBS we had at school before the graduation was one of the most memorable and worth-while events that I have attended in my high school life. It had a great impact in my life (our life) esp. in the spiritual aspect.

"Exploring God's Wonders in Space" was the theme and as it implies, we did "explore" God's wonders in space. During day 1, we learned that the universe was created by a super-natural being--that is, God. And on the succeeding days, we explored other things in space such as: comets, asteriods, meteors, stars, planets, and etc.
Some might say we can learn all those things in Science class, so why attend the VBS? Well, the answer is crystal clear. VBS differs in science class in the sense that it explains these things in accordance with the Bible.
Here, I realized the importance of God's Word in studying these things. If we only base on the laws and theories men scientists have made, we might get lost---far away from the truth.
So if we are to explode His creations, we must check the Bible, so that we won't believe easily the laws and theories which are after introduced to us. We might end up believing that the space was made after a "big bang" if we don't read His Word.

Eunice Mae G. Mendoza

4th Year Student
Calvary Learning Center, Pontevedra, Negros Occ.

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