Vacation Bible School

     Vacation Bible School is one of the longest-running ministries to children among our Churches for almost a hundred years now. SG Ministries produces new VBS materials every year that are simple and affordable. Materials that tackles the current issues of our country and the world.
   SG Ministries is excited to bring you another VBS Adventure this coming Summer 2017!

   In this series, we will explore God's Power, His gift of Salvation, the importance of Prayer and Bible Reading, our Christian Testimony and Sharing the Gospel story.  We will travel through Biblical sites and jungles and uncovering treasures and Character-building truths. We will also uncover lessons from nature. Simple music lessons include the different musical instruments in the Bible, Singing and Hymn writers.  This VBS series includes not only the young children, but also the teenagers.

   We include materials for teens as we observed that this age group is the most neglected level in our Church's Christian Education. For the past years, more and more churches have seen the value of reaching teens through Vacation Bible School.

   NEW!!!  We put music in our Theme Verse so children can easily memorize them.
   The lessons are written by Filipino Writers for Filipino Children and Teens.

PRICES:* may change without prior notice.

Manuals: Php 125.00 each
   Supervisor, Beginner, Primary, Junior, Teen

Student Worksheets: Php 6.50 each
   Beginner, Primary, Junior, Teen

Other Items:
   Name Tag: Php 1.50
   Ribbon Head: Php 1.50
   Student Certificate: Php 1.50
   Demo CD: Php 275.00
   Songbook: Php 100.00
   Tarp 2x3 Backdrop: Php 150.00
   Tarp 2x3 Theme Song Visual: 150.00

   Tarp 3x4 Backdrop: Php 250.00
   Tarp 3x4 Theme Song Visual: 250.00

   Keychain: Php 30.00
   Bookmark: Php 2.00

   NEW!  Eco Bag: Php 50.00
   1 Set: Php 1500.00 (5 manuals, 1 CD, 1 songbook, 10 worksheets per level)

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