The Way of True Love

by Rev. Samuel D. Geroy

     Love is the way of all living things. Animals, birds and even flowers show love and harmony. The world is beautiful because of it. God invented love and He is the source of all true love. His love is the foundation of all loves.

     True love is very illusive. Writers, composers, singers and painters search for it. They find it in their dreams and art, but they don’t seem to find it in reality. Often, they find true love after it is gone.


     Love is a gift from God for man to enjoy. He made Adam to fall asleep and formed Eve from one of his ribs (a feminine rib). He brought her to him- a gift for a companion who was his mirror image on the female side.

     Love comes as a fire that slowly consumes the heart until it explodes that even the floodwaters cannot stop (Song of Solomon 8:6).

     It comes exclusively for only one. As one wisely summarized it: Love is the loneliness of one, the happiness of two, and the quarrel of three. Jesus said that we cannot serve two masters because we only love one and hate the other. Love is only understood and enjoyed fully if is concentrated on only one person or you will not comprehend and taste its fullness, and the less it will give back to you. Love’s meaning is only complete if it is devoted to only one.

     You cannot dictate or divide love because it comes naturally, spontaneously and softly.


     In this aspect, marriage serves the purposes of God and man.

     Married love is for
companionship. God saw that Adam was lonely even in the Garden of Eden (Genesis 2:18). In this harsh world we live in, two are better than one for they can cope and withstand better together (Song of Solomon 4:9-12).
    Married love is for enjoyment. Intimacy in marriage is the sweetest joy man and woman can experience because it is a gift from God. It is also for completeness because man is so different from a woman, and vice versa yet together they complete and complement each other.

is the miraculous result of married love. Only a woman’s body can produce a child so that a man must love, care and surrender to a woman in order to have one. The woman also must chose the right kind of man to be the father of her children. No other wealth in this world can equal the joy of having a child who is truly your own flesh and blood.

     Marriage is
protection against other men or women, and also against dangers, insecurities, needs, and changes in this world. Paul wrote that a husband should even give his life for his wife if necessary.

     Best of all, a successful married love is an
illustration of your vibrant and satisfying relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, as your Savior and Lord. In the ultimate sense your marriage has nothing to do with your spouse. It has everything to do with your surrender to the Lord Jesus Christ.


     The husband is commanded to lead, and to lead in love. Love is the woman’s deepest need and without love she reacts. That love is given without conditions for it was a command and need not to be earned.

     The wife is commanded to submit, and to submit with respect. Respect is the man’s deepest need and without it he reacts. That respect is given without conditions for it was a command and need not be earned.

     The spiritual husband will continue to love his wife regardless of her respect and in the long run his love will bless her. The spiritual wife will continue to respect her husband regardless of his love and in the end her respect will bless him. This is God’s way for resolving doubts and conflicts in marriage. Marriage is a test of how you unconditionally love and respect your spouse as you obey, honor and please the Lord. When your first goal is to obey and please Jesus Christ, your needs will be met and your marriage will flourish.

     Marriages are made in heaven, but there is no perfect marriage. Usually a wife becomes perfect after she is dead, or a man becomes the best husband in the world during his funeral. Perfection is not the goal of marriage, but love and respect are. It is the harmony and balance of love and respect that makes a marriage “perfect.”


     When you truly love someone, you desire to truly possess him/her, to make him/her your own- that means marry him/her in the right way. Otherwise, it is not believable.

     Love is the most excellent way (1 Corinthians 12:31) because love is practicing the very essence of God. Love then is better than anything else, therefore it is the greatest. It is the best way to exercise all good things. It is the sum total of all gifts and the manifestation of all goodness. Love the Lord Jesus Christ and He will give you such kind of love.

     Love makes life worth living and significant. Only when love is the motivation for something does that thing becomes meaningful. The ideal is to fall in love with someone and to discover that he/she is God’s will for you.

How do you maintain True Love?

     Romance keeps marriage interesting. Hold her hand again, look into her eyes. Commitment keeps romance from dwindling away. Remember it was your decision, and you promised in the presence of God and man. Then you spent so much for your wedding. Fight hard for the unity and success of your marriage and family. Fight all temptations, renew and review love for each other often. Be near each other as much as possible and don’t allow work, business or ambition to drive you far from each other for a long time. In short, if you want your marriage to become successful, take time and enjoy it.