Wedding Music: Our Lives Are Thine

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Here's a perfect Wedding Music Collection that will make your wedding truly memorable.

Our Lives Are Thine - solo/duet book
by Dr. Frank Garlock and Shelly HamiltonA Collection of Song Arrangements for Christian weddings.

Here's a tip on Choosing Wedding Music:
   "Every bride and groom knows that preparing for “the big day” is no small task, and selecting music is just one of the many items on every wedding coordinator’s to-do list. So here’s my best advice for those seeking to choose music for their wedding ceremony. (Buckle up; this is amazingly profound.)

   Your wedding ceremony is… well, a ceremony. (Insightful, huh?) I like to view it as a service. In fact, I might assert that it’s a type of worship service. After all, as believers in Christ, it’s a great opportunity for you as a couple to openly acknowledge your relationship with God before all your friends and family. You’re identifying yourselves with Christ, and saying, We want Christ to be the center of our marriage.

   I’m not saying that you should view the primary purpose of your wedding as an opportunity to evangelize every lost soul who walks in the door (though I can’t think of a better occasion to accept Christ as Savior), sing congregational hymns (though I’ve seen that done effectively), or take an offering (that would be a first).

   What I am saying is that viewing your wedding as a worship service will help your decision making process. For instance, just because you like a particular song, or a song means a lot to you as a couple for whatever reason, doesn’t mean that it’s the right song for your wedding ceremony. Similarly, just because a song is a new chart-topper, or it’s traditionally used at weddings, doesn’t necessarily make it the right fit for your wedding.
   Here’s what I’m getting at: Your wedding music is an opportunity to share a message. It’s a message that will be associated with you as a couple. Ask yourselves, What do we want our message to be?" - Excerpt from Choosing Wedding Music by James Koerts

   The wedding music is a critical element to set just the right tone and communicate just the right message for this all-important ceremony celebrating commitment and union in Christ. For generations, bewildered couples have scoured dozens of unfamiliar books, puzzling over unfamiliar songs in an effort to choose the best music to complement their vows. Our Lives Are Thine, Majesty Music's book of intermediate wedding song arrangements, is the solution to finding Christ-honoring wedding music. Solo and duet formats provide flexibility and variety.

25 songs, including: Lord, Make Us One • O Jesus, We Have Promised • Today I'll Marry My Best Friend • Serving The Lord Together • Yours Forever • My Precious Daughter • Our Prayer • Lord, Bless Our Home • All We Have Belongs To Jesus • Our Father • Lord, Send Us Anywhere • A Tender Heart • All The Way • Our Lives Are Thine • Consecration Hymn • Why Do I Love You? • Together Always • Father, Lead Us • Our Lives Are Yours To Control • Speak, Lord, In The Stillness • United To Serve • I Will Be True • Take Our Lives • I Love You

Book: Php 700.00 plus local shipment