Patch Kids Choir Songs CD Volume 1

Majesty Music is pleased to present Kids Choir Songs, a collection featuring key themes: Worship Songs, Character-Building Songs, Bible Songs, and Seasonal Songs. The Learn at Home CD is offered at a special rate of $4.98 in order to allow added practice time for your sailors.

Song selections: Bow the Knee • The Armor of God • Great Big Beautiful World • My Hope Is Jesus • I Am Weak, but You Are Strong • I'm Adopted • Jonah • I Need the Bible • Buckle Up! • Days of Creation • How Can I Fear? • Admit, Believe, Forever Receive • Call the Wambulance! • Little by Little • Lean-a, Lean-a, Lean • Wiggle Worm • God's Perfect Lamb • My Mother's Gentle Love • Cherish the Moment • I'm Thankful to Be an American • Grandparents Song • Here Am I, Lord • The Gratitude Attitude • The Praise Song • It's Christmas • Sing Noel

Songbook also available on pre-order basis.  50% non-refundable downpayment on pre-ordered items before shipment from Majesty Music.

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